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Frank Proffitt was born on June 1, 1913, in Laurel Bloomery, TN, and moved to Beaver Dam Township in Watauga County, NC, when he was young. Eventually he settled with his wife, Bessie Hicks, in Pick Britches, NC, (near Beech Mountain) where he owned a small farm. He was recorded by Frank Clyde Brown on July 24, 1939.


Letter from Frank Proffitt to Frank Warner, Box 8 Folder 5.jpg
Frank Proffitt notebooks Box 10 Folder 3.jpg
July 4 1959_Letter from FWarner to FProffitt.JPG
Frank Proffitt and Nathan Hicks, Box 28, 5B_9.jpg
Frank and Bessie Proffitt_Anne Warner_Alan Lomax, Asheville Folk Festival, Box 28, 9B_7.jpg
Frank Proffitt making banjos at the Warners' house in Farmingdale, NY, Box 28, 9A_6.jpg
Frank Warner and sons with Frank Proffitt, Box 28, 8B_21.jpg
Anne Warner recording Frank Proffitt, Box 28, 5B_4.jpg
Frank Proffitt and Nathan Hicks, Box 28, 5B_9.jpg
Four little girls singing on front porch of Nathan Hicks' house, Box 28, 2B_8.jpg
Frank Proffitt on cover of Carolina Farmer, Box 3.jpg



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